Why?    Don’t  you try to answer.

Who?    There’s too many names

Love      A final breath a holding hand.

Lost        Hold a child’s hand.


In the hand of nature,  no sense at all.

In the eyes above, no sense at all.

Time will always heal; time will fade your pain

Time will always heal,  love don’t go away.


Cry         Don’t you hold back your tears

Scream You gotta let it out.

Laugh    Memories of better days.

Joy         It’s knowing that you loved.


Hope is everlasting, don’t  fade away

Hope is everlasting, don’t fade away

Don’t hold back your tears

You gotta let it out

Memories of better days

It’s knowing that you loved

It’s knowing the you loved

It’s nowing that you loved.


Time will always heal;     time will fade your pain

Time will always heal,     love don’t go away.

Why ?