About the Music


“To me this song is for anyone who has suffered loss”.

One of the few songs written in one day. “I had mucked about with the music track for this for some time. It was originally guitar based. The lyrics came about when about four months after my wife’s mother died, my youngest daughter who was about 14 at the time and very close to her Grandma, cuddled up next to me still very sad and simply asked the question – Why?  I couldn’t answer. Shortly after I was home alone and started writing, apart from minor edits – finished in a day.”When it came to choosing songs for the album “Why” wasn’t initially on the list. Then there was the need for another song, ErnieJ played it again but wasn’t happy with the guitar tone. “Tim was playing around with different chord voicings on his piano and it jumped out at me – so we dumped the guitar. It then sat dormant until we had done almost all of the other songs and I had actually given up on it. During this time the 7 year old daughter of close friends was killed in a tragic accident just down our road, the senseless loss and why someone so innocent could be taken away. Tim knew the back ground of these events and behind the scene recorded the piano and sent me a copy. It blew me away.Laying the vocals was the hardest; trying not to choke or cry was tough. We only did 3 vocal takes. I think what you hear is the 2nd take”.Sadly during the filming of the video New Zealand suffered the senseless Christchurch Mosque massacres and once again – Why?

Why Do You Care?

Life lesson "Don't be too quick to judge others"

In New York City for Xmas 2016. Freezing cold day, touches of snow everywhere. We spent the best part of the day exploring the Metropolitan museum mainly because it is such a cool place to visit and also because it was warm.
Later afternoon we decide to head to the Hell’s Kitchen district to find a place for dinner. We settle on this Italian Restaurant near corner of 57th St and 9th Ave. called  Masseria dei Vini – a couple of blocks down from Carnegie Hall. 

After a lovely dinner and a few glasses of wine we brave the cold and decide to walk back to our hotel. As we approach the crossing on 57 & 9 there are a few people on the streets (as is the case in NYC) we pass a man panning (begging with a cup), we walk pass him (we had been told not to give money - only food). I looked to my left and see this little old lady dragging her wee trolley towards us, she slips and almost falls over but doesn’t. The beggar also see this and goes over to her and asks if she was ok and helps her. 

She was fine.It leaves a lasting impression on me and a message that not to judge a person on their circumstances. They will often be the first to help you.

It's Changing - But It's Still The Blues.

ErnieJ White tells how after a serious accident the passion to write his own material evolved.

"One of my earliest songs (outside straight blues), which gave me belief that I could actually write an original song. On 6th December 2010 I prolapsed my neck (C6-C7 vertebrate) due to a bike accident. This meant I lost the use of my right arm, was off work for months and "heavily medicated". (So a bit mind altered you might say). All I was able to do was lay on the floor and watch TV.  

A friend dropped a bunch of DVDs of the HBO series  “The Wire” – a pretty heavy street gang / drug war program based in Baltimore USA. Where the cops were after the gangster drug dealers, some of the cops were also corrupt as well as gangsters – very compelling – the main theme song was Tom Wait’s “Down in the Hole”, and the backing tracks of the series was along similar themes. 

Anyways – this was officially my first TV binge watch. With the heavy medication and day in day out exposure to the soundtrack, I get these ideas popping into my head. As I can’t write (right handed), I dictate into my phone words and ideas, melodies etc. With no real purpose other than to get stuff out of my head.. Over the weeks and months I slowly gain some function in my right arm and able to play see that in some ways New Zealand is no different;  with Black Power / Mongrel Mob gangs, and that every generation has "their" music that they can relate to for the opposed people. Hence blues music is what the particular generation's music is for them at the time"

Silent Tears.

 "What do you do when the one you love moves on?"

Unrequited love hurts soooo bad - but rather than not have that special person in your life you hold onto them as a friend - "learn to smile" - while deep inside you're crushed and silently crying.

Nothing Changes - If Nothing Changes. 

Essentially – as young bucks we had dreams and aspirations; then one day you wake up -  middle aged, mortgaged, 8 to 5 job – "ground hog day" – so what are you going to do about it???
We can't expect things to change to the good if we don't take the time to make it happen.